Waka Flocka Believes School Shooters Deserve “Death Penalty No Exception”


Capital punishment is a topic that one typically doesn’t talk about around the dinner table, but social media is ripe for discussion. On Tuesday, a brief statement about school shooting statistics caused thousands of people to join a conversation about the death penalty. Robert Klemko, an investigative sports reporter for The Washington Post, shared a tweet on Tuesday (April 14) that sparked a discussion. “Last month was the first March without a school shooting in the United States since 2002,” Klemko wrote.

Waka Flocka, School Shootings, Death Penalty
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He also addressed a few users who shared that there weren’t any Wikipedia updates to substantiate his claim. “A number of people have pointed out that the Wiki page for school shootings does not have March shootings in multiple years,” he added. “This is true! It’s also true that you should never treat Wikipedia as a primary source.”

Later, Hollywood Unlocked shared a screenshot of Klemko’s tweet and asked their followers to weigh in on the topic. Waka Flocka jumped in the comments with his take on capital punishment. “I feel who ever shoot up a school need the death penalty no exception,” the rapper wrote. He followed that up with, “But hey I’m just telling the truth.” 

Unsurprisingly, responses to his declaration were swift…and divided. Check out the posts below and let us know if you agree with Waka Flocka’s take on school shooting offenders.

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