Waka Flocka & OJ Da Juiceman Beef: “You & Yo Weak Ass Mama, F*ck Both Of Y’all”


A podcast interview has ruffled feathers. Last week, OJ Da Juiceman sat down with Big Facts Podcast and said that he never received compensation for his 2009 debut studio album, The Otha Side of the Trap. The rapper was working with Mizay Entertainment at the time led by Deb Antney, and according to OJ, he claimed he was given a raw deal by his label. His side of the story is that he was given the option to get out of his contract as long as he signed over “everything from The Otha Side of the Trap for your life and ten years after your life.” Due to the controversy, OJ said he decided to part ways with Mizay Entertainment.

Antney’s son, Waka Flocka, didn’t appreciate Da Juiceman including his mother in that conversation. “I never do this. This lame what I’m finna do,” Waka started off in a video clip. “Bruh, you lame as f*ck… Talkin’ ’bout n*ggas stole from you. P*ssy ass n*gga. You know who stole from you, you lame ass n*gga. Stop puttin’ that sh*t on my mama,n*gga. Yes, I’m gon’ say this.”

Elsewhere, Waka mocked Juiceman further. “Grown men on the internet crying about who stole from them,” said Flocka. “Y’all n*ggas is lame as f*ck.” OJ Da Juiceman responded to Waka’s insults with a few expletives of his own. “D*ck in the booty ass n*gga you a whole ho, p*ssy ass n*gga,” said OJ. “You ain’t on no gangsta sh*t. N*gga, I ain’t neva seen you do nothin’. Gangsta p*ssy ass n*gga… You and yo’ weak ass mama. F*ck both of y’all.”

Whew. Gucci Mane may need to reconcile this one. Check out the videos below.