Wale Flips The Switch On Racism In Captivating Visual To “Sue Me” Ft. Kelly Price


Wow… That’s Crazy continues to be a project that fans can’t get enough of, so Wale decided to deliver a short film for one of the album’s tracks, “Sue Me.” The single boasts the beloved vocals of Kelly Price, but neither artist is the main feature of the music video. Instead, Wale has called on actor Lucas Hedges to star as a man living in a world where racism has flipped the switch. 

“What if you could walk through a day in the life of an average African American young man? What would you see? What would you hear? What would you face? We wanted to redefine the whole narrative and allow everybody to step into these shoes,” Wale reportedly said of the visual to “Sue Me.” He added, “I’ve never been more proud of a video than what we did here. Kerby really brought this vision to life, and Reebok helped make it a reality. I hope it makes you think a little. While you’re thinking, stay safe and stay home.”

There are plenty of social justice incidents highlighted in the Kerby Jean Raymond-directed video, so take a look and let us know what you think.


source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/wale-flips-the-switch-on-racism-in-captivating-visual-to-sue-me-ft-kelly-price-new-video.46135.html

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