Washington Nationals’ World Series Victory Prompts Bevy Of Bryce Harper Jokes


It feels like baseball season has been going on forever but after months of play on the diamond, it’s all over. The Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros were in the World Series and last night, it was Game 7. Despite taking an early 2-0 lead, the Astros blew it late in the game as the Nationals stormed back and won the match, 6-2. It was a massive victory for the franchise as they hadn’t won a championship since entering the league as the Montreal Expos back in 1969.

Prior to this series, a team had never won all four road games in a series but the Nationals managed to pull it off. The road team won every single game in this series, as the Nationals won the first two matches, the Astros took the next three, and finally, the Nats took the last two.

Following the match, loyal fans took to the streets of DC as they celebrated the biggest victory in the history of the franchise. It was a joyous night for everyone in Washington as fans of the team have had to endure some pretty horrible seasons that included heartbreak in the early rounds of the playoffs.

Check out some of the best reactions to the Nationals win, below. As you can see, most of the comments have to do with Bryce Harper who left the team in the offseason. You have to feel for Harper who now has to watch all of his former teammates celebrate such a huge win.

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