WATCH: Boosie Talks Wild Cucumber Challenge Party & Spending $50K On Alcohol


In a recent interview with VladTV, Boosie Badazz shared some interesting insight into his huge pool parties. According to the rapper, he spends about $50K on drinks alone and has a bunch of stringent rules for guests to undergo. For instance, married men are not allowed at their parties unless they come alone. Moreover, Boosie is very specific about what he wants his parties to look like so he makes sure to have a lot of beautiful women attending–they get free lingerie if they do–and bags of condoms to promote safe sex. 

The most interesting part of the video stems from the rapper discussing his role in the infamous “cucumber challenge.” As you may recall, Alexis Skyy and her boyfriend Trouble threw a #CucumberChallenge themed pool party where a number of guests were showing off their summer bodies. Alexis streamed her best, and craziest, moments in her Instagram Story. However, there was one clip that she failed to show, but Boosie Badazz did the sharing on her behalf. Apparently, there was a cucumber contest to see who could get the most graphic with the vegetable, and Alexis went all out. In the video, a woman is laying on her back as Alexis penetrates her with a cucumber. Alexis then takes it out and thrusts it into the woman’s mouth. Since the ordeal, Alexis Skyy has come out to clear the air, but we never heard of Boosie’s take on everything. Watch the video above. 



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