Wendy Wiliams Says Life Has “Been So Lovely” Following Kevin Hunter Divorce


After nine months of organizing assets and coming to an agreement on finances, Wendy Williams has finalized her divorce with Kevin Hunter after he cheated on her for a second time and impregnated his mistress after 25 years together. The talk show host recently paid a visit to another television set when she stooped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and got candid about the divorce and her dating life as of late. Jimmy got straight to the point, asking Wendy plain and simple if she’s divorced. “Yes, I am fully divorced. A door has closed in old life. The new chapter has been so lovely,” she said, thanking Jimmy for being real and not tiptoeing around the question. 

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“Yeah, I’m not mad. You know, it was 25 years. I don’t regret. But you know what, sometimes, people move on with their lives,” she added. As for her dating life, the 55-year-old admitted that her career is always number one. “I date, but you know, I love my career. You know how tough this is with this microphone here,” she explained. “You know what I’m saying. There’s a certain amount of dedication, and I didn’t just land in my career… I plotted on being with the mic since sixth grade.”

Watch her full interview below.

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