Wendy Williams Applauds Kash Doll For Unfollowing Nicki Minaj: “I Like Your Style”


Kash Doll jumped on Instagram Live to explain why she unfollowed Nicki Minaj on her social media and it all had to to with one DM. “I unfollowed Nicki two weeks ago because when y’all was dragging me for whatever the f*ck y’all was dragging me for and I told y’all to leave my name out y’all mouth, she came in my DMs talkin’ crazy. I unfollowed her ass and told her she was delusional, just like y’all motherf*ckers,” she told her fans.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images 

Kash made her PSA after she kicked it with Cardi B and the Barbz went after her with questions on if they chatted about Nicki, which Kash made it very clear that they didn’t. “Starve negativity, feed positivity cause what u feed will grow,” she added. 

None other than Wendy Williams has now offered her two cents on the matter (as she always does) during her self-titled talk show. As we know, Nicki and Wendy haven’t been on good terms for a while, much before Wendy referred to her as a “washed-up rapper.” On a recent taping of Wendy’s show, she shouted out Kash for her Instagram moves telling her audience how she “likes’ Kash’s style when it comes to dropping her off her following list. 

“There’s a girl who’s already established in the rap game, you all know her name but I don’t use that name around here,” Wendy said in reference to Nicki when making it clear she’s a fan of Kash – watch in full below.

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