Wendy Williams Farted On Live TV & Summer Walker Can’t Contain Herself


When is Wendy Williams not making headlines? For somebody that reports on all Hot Topics happening in pop culture, she sure is a regular in the tabloids for problems in her relationship, injuries preventing her from hosting her show, real estate updates, and even apparently for passing gas on television. It’s one of the most embarrassing things that could ever happen to a talk show host; accepting a job live on the air has its benefits but if you’ve had a heavy helping of beans the night before, you might want to consider handling your business before arriving on set because Wendy Williams reportedly let one out coyly on her show but fans heard the squeak from out of her famous purple chair. Now, everyone is clowning her to the bathroom and back for apparently farting on air.

While discussing Odell Beckham Jr’s recent arrest, Wendy Williams seemingly felt a need to relieve herself of some stomach bloating, letting out a fart and casually lifting her leg up to the side. She tried to play it off as though nothing happened but the replay shows otherwise. Among viewers of the show, singer Summer Walker shared a clip of the host letting it rip, laughing in her caption and replaying the incident in slow-motion. Fans are convinced that the fart is real but, so far, Wendy has not commented on the matter.

It might be worth it to tune in again today to see if Williams says anything about her apparent gas issue.

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