Wendy Williams Responds To Howard Stern’s Diss Towards Her Success: “Don’t Hate”


Wendy Williams and Howard Stern previously made up after the radio host called Wendy a “jealous bi*ch” on air. Howard later explained that his reaction was him at his “worst” and it was assumed that the duo would no longer have drama between them, until now. Howard has once again dissed Wendy on air when he expressed that he was frustrated that she had made the National Radio Hall of Fame before him. 

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“I mean, the guy’s trying to get something going,” Howard said when discussing how award shows should have radio as a category. “I’m fine with that, but…it’s just something that, for years — no offense to Wendy Williams — but they put Wendy Williams in before me.’’ Wendy, of course, got word and addressed his comments head-on during a recent taping of her self-titled talk show. “Now you look here Howard, I’m tired of fighting with you, man. Why do you always have to fight with me? Because you think I’m the low-lying fruit? Why? Because you’re scared to work with Tom Joyner? Why are you and I always fighting? I wasn’t fighting with you, I’m minding my own business,” she said

Wendy was inducted into the hall of fame in 2011, with her whole family present and Howard was inducted in 2012. “He said no offense, Wendy Williams, they put her in before me. Howard, I was offended,” Wendy added. “I admire you Howard Stern. They were wrong for that, but don’t hate on me, because I got in before you.”

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