Wendy Williams Says She Had An “Intimate” Relationship With Eric B.


Regardless of how you feel about Wendy Williams, she’s undoubtedly a legend in her own right. She’s been in the radio biz for decades, mentoring Charlamagne Tha God and stirring up the pot as much as she can. Now, this year, she tasted a bit of her own medicine after it was revealed her then-husband had a child with his side-piece. However, she still addressed all of that controversy on her own show.

Today, she came through with a bit more tea to spill. After it was revealed that Eric B. of Eric B. and Rakim fame turned himself on a 17-year warrant, Wendy opened up that they had a little fling. “So, I never really knew Ra back in the day, I knew Eric B, intimately,” she admitted to her audience, according to PageSix. She previously opened up about the relationship in the late 90s but she revealed that their relationship will be included in her Lifetime movie. “A couple of very severe things happened to me while I was involved with Eric B., life lessons and you’ll see it because the movie’s a teachable moment. While it’s gonna be very dramatic, it’s a teachable moment,” she added.

Still, she didn’t care to elaborate but rather, joked about Eric B’s arrest. “Good morning Eric. Ra, your boy celebrated his 56th birthday in jail. Don’t say ‘Awe.’ Not when I explain to you what he did to me. But you have to wait for the movie. I have a movie coming out. I need the ratings. Still kinda cute there,” she said. 

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