Wendy Williams’ Violent Comments About Lori Harvey & Future Earn Backlash


Wendy Williams has a history of sending major shade Future’s way. The talk show host loves to stir the pot, using her Hot Topics segment to spill some scathing hot tea about anything controversial happening in music, entertainment, and pop culture. She seemingly has something against Atlanta rapper Future, using him as an example and warning women not to hang with men like him. She even went so far as to create a “baby mama chart” detailing all the women he’s had children with, including Joie Chavis, Ciara, and others. Now that his relationship with Lori Harvey has been confirmed, Wendy Williams is back at it and she did not hold back.

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According to Bossip, Joaquin Phoenix wasn’t the only person she inappropriately attached on her show this week. She’s been earning tons of backlash for making fun of the actor’s cleft palate and, in addition to that, she’s also getting heat for criticizing Lori Harvey’s parents Steve and Marjorie. Speaking about Future’s new girlfriend, she said:

“He has eight kids with four different baby moms! If this was my daughter at 23, I would break her neck, crack her skull and throw her down the steps. And, you’re not the boss of your kids when they’re 23-years-old. Lori, what’re you doing? Girl, everyone talks about you … You’re so pretty, you don’t have to be that girl!”

Wait… what? You would break her neck and throw her down the stairs? Isn’t that a little much, Wendy? People are understandably upset at her comments and are urging her to apologize but, knowing Wendy, she’ll probably end up sweeping this under the rug.

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