Westside Boogie Continues Snapping Spree With More Bars


In case you haven’t been keeping track, Westside Boogie has been on an absolute tear of late. Perhaps the recent “kidnapping” at the hands of a deranged Stan-like figure was enough to light a fire under him, not that we condone such motivational practices. The proof cannot be denied, however, as Boogie’s slew of freestyles and loosie cuts have been a promising sign of what’s to come. With all indicators pointing to a more rap-focused direction than his recent Everything’s For Sale, Boogie has continued his streak with some radio bars on I-95. 

Westside Boogie

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

“It’s them ratchet beats,” prefaces Boogie, as the instrumental queues up. “The ratchet soulful type vibes, the perfect balance.” As he kicks off his freestyle, Boogie’s depth comes to the forefront. “Cut me deep, now I feel open in this bitch,” he raps. “Let me ground myself I finna float up on this bitch / you can ask me bout a moment and it’s sick, I can tell you bout the pain that I associate it with / I can tell you bout my fit when they caught brodie at the club, and the day we lost Nipsey I can tell you where I was.”

“I got a ratchet mind trying to keep the thoughts from it,” he continues, shifting gears. “But I get a hundred bitches every time I drop something / That’s because this shit been stained in me, fore’ I let a n***a stop my reign got this flame with me / know I’m rapping circles round the legends in my same city / keep it confidential tell that n***a don’t play games with me.” Some fans immediately began speculating that Boogie, a fellow Compton emcee, was responding to The Game’s recent assertions of local dominance. Either way, it’s refreshing to see Boogie so consistently in his bag.

Check out the new freestyle below, and sound off if you’re eager for his next studio album.