Westside Gunn Stresses He Has Respect For TDE & Dreamville After Recent Comments


RapRadar interviewed the members of Griselda for its last episode of the year. While discussing whether the Buffalo-bred rap collective gets their deserved credit, Westside Gunn argued that their impressive output in 2019 went a tad overlooked. “All of this in one year,” he said after naming the long list of projects he, Benny The Butcher and Conway dropped this year. “And we not mentioned in this one year and we not mentioned as the top group. Like, you’re still going to mention TDE, you’re going to mention Dreamville. Dreamville or TDE didn’t do it.”

Even though Westside mentioned shortly after that these labels are “incredible”, people online apparently tried to spin his comments as shade. For that reason, he took to Twitter today to dispel any notion that that was the case. He wrote: “S/O to TDE and Dreamville both crews Ive Always respected and Still do and I thought that BEEN understood, anybody trying to spin that is Pussy, don’t try and use me for that weirdo shit…. GRISELDA ALL 2020!!!!”

After seeing the misinterpretations, Conway also went on Twitter to clarify that they were merely pointing out that if a bigger label put out as many records of the same caliber as Griselda this year, that label would have received more recognition. “Man idk why niggas tryna spin sh*t,” Conway tweeted. “Bro wasn’t takin a shot at dreamville & TDE at all he was simply makin the point we don’t get respect in that same bracket of a TDE or dreamville bcuz where we from.. them n*ggas is the illest groups hands down but we’re just as ill, that’s all.”


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