Westside Gunn Styles On The Game With “Julia Lang”


Westside Gunn may be one of today’s foremost voices in contemporary gangsta rap, but the Griselda visionary also happens to have a deep understanding of the art scene. It’s part of what makes him such a compelling lyricist, as his stream of consciousness verses tend to toe the line between both hyper-stylized worlds. Now, with the upcoming Hitler Wears Hermes 8 in the pipeline, Gunn has come through to deliver a pair of new singles from the project — the Beat Butcher/Daringer produced “TV BOY” (stream that here) and the Camouflage Monk-laced “Julia Lang.”

Driven by a filthy synth-driven instrumental, Gunn dives in with a purpose, proving once again that his lyrical prowess is not to be slept on. Though the track doesn’t exactly last long — clocking in at a little under a minute before fading out mid-bar — there’s enough energy to please Gunn fans. “Yo, me and Julia Lang whippin’ ‘caine with a hanger,” he raps. “Sellin’ dope like ’94, I’m talkin’ bakin’ with a pager.” 

Check out “Julia Lang” now, complete with some new visuals, and keep an eye out for more news on the upcoming HWH 8: Sincerely Adolf. 


Ayo, my Yeezys lookin’ like moon boots 
My man killed my other man, it’s a lose-lose
Stick swingin’, dumpin’ out the moon roof