Westside Gunn Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane With “Flyest Nig@@ In Charge, Mixtape Vol. 1”


The rise of Griselda wasn’t an overnight thing like a lot of rappers who’ve occupied space in the genre in recent times. Before social media and streaming services, Westside Gunn and the Griselda crew came up from grassroots beginnings in Upstate New York. Over the years, they grinded and grinded, gained the respect of the greats, and finally had a strong breakout year as a collective in 2019.

Ahead of the end of 2019, Westside Gunn made a promise to fans to kick off the new decade with a blast from the past, an unreleased project titled Flyest Nig@@ In Charge, Mixtape Vol. 1. He explained a few weeks ago that during the periods of 2003-2005, he was simultaneously in the streets and putting in work in the studio. Unfortunately, he ended up going on the run and the project never dropped. Thankfully, he decided to finally unleash the project and we couldn’t be any more excited to kick off the year with some unreleased music from the Griselda camp.

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