White Woman Body Slammed In Popeyes Parking Lot After Calling Employees N-Word


One woman was body-slammed onto the concrete outside a Popeyes after a fiery argument turned nasty. According to ABC7, the woman was disputing a charge on her bill at the Columbia, Tennessee Popeyes when things began to get heated. This is when the woman allegedly used the N-word, which sent the employees, mostly African American, into a rage. Video can be seen of the employees responding to the racist word, with the cameraman stating, “This ain’t no place to say the N-word.” The cameraman was referencing the fact the store has several African Americans inside at the time she allegedly used the N-word. You can hear the woman claiming that she has family that works for the law. 

After the woman finally decided to leave the establishment, she was pursued by several employees. One man grabbed her and body-slammed her to the ground viciously. The woman’s attorney said the employee’s actions weren’t justified.”If she said something that she regrets, it doesn’t give a grown man the right to chase her into the parking lot as she is trying to leave the store, and body slam a 55-year-old grandmother down on the concrete,” he said. The attorney also said the woman suffered nine fractures, including six broken ribs and a broken knee. Police arrested 29-year-old Deriance Hughes, who faces aggravated assault charges.

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