Wifisfuneral Talks Living With XXXTentacion & Smashing The Same Girl


As many throughout the Hip-Hop community are still feeling the loss of burgeoning rapper XXXTentacion, those who knew him best have understandably been taking his death the hardest. Of course, they’re also the ones who can enlighten us on lesser known facts and behind-the-scenes moments in the late emcee’s life & career, which his ex-Members Only crewmate and longtime homie Wifisfuneral was able to do in a recent interview with VLAD TV. 

 As you can see from his Instagram tribute to X seen above, Wifisfuneral had a very close friendship with the “Look At Me!” rapper for years before the two even really blew up. Speaking with Vlad, he says, “I knew [XXXTentacion] since he was like 14,” continuing by detailing a pretty hilarious tale of how they initially met. “We knew each other because we were fucking with the same girl, little did we know,” says Wifi, jokingly referring to the love triangle as “Florida shit.” Another thing he mentions in reference to his relationship with X includes the two of them, along with Ski Mask the Slump God and DJ Skeme, living together at the house of his former manger, Table, who X reportedly was arrested for stabbing back in 2016. He also speaks on X’s incessant promo for the now-viral hit “Look At Me!” and ending the interview by calling him “on of the best” artist to ever do it.

Watch the full clip below, and let us know if you agree with Wifisfuneral that XXXTentacion is in fact one of the greatest artists ever:

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