Wiki Taps Denzel Curry & Lil Ugly Mane For Some “Grim” Bars


Anyone with an inclination toward the underground aesthetic has likely stumbled across the work of Wiki. Fresh off the release of his new album OOFIE, the New York lyricist has been putting in work alongside some of the game’s grimiest bar spitters. On “Grim,” Wiki links with Denzel Curry and Lil Ugly Mane, an elusive chap to be sure, and what results is some truly rugged and raw hip-hop. Off the bat, Wiki sets it off with a laid-back yet brilliantly constructed rhyme scheme, his singsong voice luring you into a false sense of security. As his verse progresses, his lines are enunciated by ominous strings, giving the track a spooky vibe.  

Lil Ugly Mane, himself the opposite of prolific, holds it down for the second verse; though his output has slowed, his intensity has yet to falter. Denzel Curry, fresh off the raucous Zeltron World Wide event, shuts it down with peak backpacker energy. It’s always interesting to hear him switch the style over production of this nature, a testament to his versatility and roots as a hip-hop scholar. Check out “Grim” now, especially if you’re looking for a break from the expected.

Quotable Lyrics

Pointless, nine-millimeter might leave me voiceless
Appointed to a therapist when I’m very pissed, I’m arrogant
Tellin’ myself that I be fine, it’s the point where it’s scary, yes
Carried this burden, for certain, I just need a surgeon
To take away all my emotions, my system is nervous
You only think deep when a fuckin’ shrink speaks
Only time I count sheep is when a n***a six feet
Six deep, ten toes, nah, that’s sixty-fours
N***, I don’t play games, N64



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