Wiley Continues His Streak With “Sizes”


Amidst his ongoing clash with Stormzy, Wiley hasn’t lost sight of the fact that fans have been anticipating the release of Godfather III. The rapper’s continued to tease the project for over a year now, releasing single after single that have proven to be viable hits. Not only is he dabbling with grime but influences from Jamaica and UK garage have come together on some of his recent cuts.

In the spirit of grime, Wiley’s back with a banger on his latest track, “Sizes.” As he continues to assert himself as the Godfather of grime, he reminds people that he’s an OG in this game and helped open the doors for other artists to be able to prosper. 

Although it’s not necessarily a shot at Stormzy or anyone else he deems a “culture vulture,” he’s clearly continuing to assert himself as the gatekeeper of this culture, for purity sake. 

Quotable Lyrics
Hear me on the riddim it’s a par
I ain’t new fam I came from far
In E3 I learnt to get Lizzie
Ever since the manna manna been busy

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