Will Smith Travels Around Tokyo, Visits Wild Robot Restaurant For The First Time


Will Smith is a national treasure. The multi-hyphenated entertainer knows how to produce content for social media that his millions of fans love as he often films himself experiencing new adventures. On Friday, Will shared a video to his YouTube channel that showed himself enjoying his time in Tokyo, including a visit to a robot restaurant, a popular attraction in Japan.

Although he doesn’t know what to expect, Will’s excited to see what this robot restaurant is all about. Upon entering, the atmosphere is like a psychedelic dream in a circus funhouse with mirrored walls and colorful art all about. This restaurant is an up-close-and-personal live show unlike any other; think dinner theater to the millionth degree.

Later, Will sits down for an interview and is asked how he would describe his younger self. “Naive, fearless, ambitious,” he said with clips of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and his films cut in-between. As for how he would describe the “older me,” Will said, “peaceful, joyful…I feel like I’ve become wise.” These answers, of course, are also spliced with a few funny moments to prove that all isn’t as it seems. 

Watch Will travel through Tokyo, including his visit to a beautiful, serene art installation, below.

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