Will Smith Vlogs His First-Ever Colonoscopy & Bares His Behind For The World


Will Smith has guts. Not many people would willingly bring a camera into the hospital room with them as they get tubes inserted into their backside but, as you all know, Will Smith isn’t just a regular dude. One of the funniest actors on the planet and an established entrepreneur, the Fresh Prince star has been celebrating his fifty-first birthday all year with new milestones. His latest venture involved a medical procedure that Smith never endured. He decided that it was the time to have a colonoscopy to ensure that everything is looking good with his large intestine, promoting health and wellness at the same time.

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Taking us on a near-twenty-minute journey through the process, Will Smith gets educational and humorous in the clip, which is meant to remind everybody to take care of their health. He wore a hospital gown, which opened at the back, and mooned the camera quickly before heading into the exam room to get a little uncomfortable. Throughout the video, Smith tells jokes and explains why it’s so important to get your colon checked out once you reach a certain age.

Watch his colonoscopy vlog below and be sure to show him some love in the comments. This is a big move for Will Smith to publicize with the world!

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