Wish Bone Vows To Shoot Krayzie Bone As Payback; Krayzie Bone Accepts


It wasn’t long ago that Bizzy Bone opened up with the crazy tale about how Krayzie Bone once shot Wish Bone in the leg when Bone Thugs-N-Harmony were riding around in stolen car back in the day. Most recently, TMZ caught up with Wish, Krayzie, Layzie Bone, and Flesh-Bone at LAX and followed up on the take with Wish asserting that he’s been planning on avenging the fateful moment by returning the same to Krayzie Bone.

“It was back in the hood,” Krayzie confirmed before chalking the encounter up with “dumb shit” the crew got into when they were younger. 

“It went off at the wrong time,” Wish conceded before the interviewer declared that the aftermath was a testament to their brotherhood. Wish agreed, but certainly added that he thinks about getting his revenge all the time with a .22.

“He says that all the time. So, I got to watch my back,” added Krayzie Bone. Sticking to the protocol of their bond, Krayzie accepted the revenge on the condition that he gets to put on a few more pounds first.

Layzie Bone who was in a separate car with Bizzy behind the pair corroborated Biz’s story by confirming that when they observed the car ahead of them swerving and running red lights, they assumed the two of them were drunk. It would be hours later that they learned of what took place in the car. 

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