Wiz Khalifa Blows Minds With His New Smoking Device


Wiz Khalifa is one of the premier pot-smokers in hip-hop. For the length of his entire run in the music business, weed has been a central part of his personality. When you see Wiz pull up to an event, he’s usually got a joint in between his fingers, having already smoked an ounce on the way over. The “Black & Yellow” hitmaker is known for being a cannabis connoisseur, working on his own marijuana strains on a few different occasions. However, it’s not his Khalifa Kush that’s blowing the minds of fans across the nation– it’s the manner in which he’s recently been smoking it.

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Going viral this week for a video of himself smoking out of a glass gravity bong from Cookies, Wiz Khalifa impressed the masses by showing how dedicated he is to the art of getting high. Wiz has been adamant that he enjoys smoking joints over blunts, but he might have found a special contraption that takes the cake. Inhaling smoke from two separate glass gravity bongs, Wiz showed off how the product works before taking a long puff. Needless to say, people were pretty impressed.

Recently, the 33-year-old rapper celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his album Rolling Papers, releasing the deluxe version with a few new songs. He’s also been teasing a new mixtape called Cereal Milk, which will likely be released this year.

What do you think of Wiz’s smoking device?

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