Wiz Khalifa Breaks Down The Making Of Dr. Dre Inspired “Still Wiz”


This 4/20, Wiz Khalifa slid through with his brand new mixtape The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa, a project the man himself put together as a gift for the longtime fans. Today, Wiz hit up Beats 1 for a FaceTime chat with Ebro Darden, where the pair discussed his collaborations with Megan Thee Stallion, the construction of “Still Wiz,” and much more. 

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Speaking on “Still Wiz,” a reimagining of Dr. Dre’s timeless classic “Still D.R.E,” Wiz breaks down the story behind the track’s construction. “Honestly, it was just an idea that came around to remake that beat, and I think I was on a flight to Dubai. I just hit up Hitmaka, he’s really good at flipping samples and redoing classics. I hit him up like ‘yo, can you flip ‘Still Dre for me?’ I just wanted to hear what it sounded like.”

“And shout out Derek Milano — he’s real popular for writing hooks for people,” continues Wiz, piecing the story together. “He’s really popular, he’s a fan of mine, I trust him as far as the wordplay goes and as far as pointing me in the right direction. I ended up really loving it, it felt authentic and organic. I was able to go in there and make it mine. I put it the verses in there, and it sounded like one of those ones to me. When I do songs and I make them, they’re more or less ideas. But then when I listen to them when they’re done, my business sense, my A&R, and my history of hit records kinda kicks in and I know whether or not its gonna be a smash.”

Check out the full video below, and sound off — was The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa a return to form for the legendary stoner?  

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