Wiz Khalifa Enlists 24hrs For “Dreams”


Wiz Khalifa continues to bless the world with new music. It doesn’t matter if we’re on quarantine, or if it’s the middle of the Super Bowl. He just drops off new music whenever he feels the need to, which is what happened on Super Bowl Sunday. As the Chiefs were getting whooped by the Buccaneers, Wiz released “Dreams” featuring 24hrs. 

The song came along with a video, that was shot on location at the studio it was recorded at. 24hrs starts the track off, and the whole song really feels like his in spirit. The young artist’s melodic autotuned musings mesh well with the instrumental. Wiz comes through for the second verse, calmly laying down one of those smooth flows we all know he’s so good at. “Dreams” isn’t one of Wiz’s best tracks, but it sure is a vibe. 

Quotable Lyrics
Bad bitch, independent, why would I control her?
Money getting larger and it feel I’m getting older
I just poured a four in a pineapple soda
Jimmy Carter ATL, we used to run the big door
Me and Ricky ruled back when we would do the kick though