Wiz Khalifa Explodes Over Dr. Dre “Still D.R.E” Beat


It takes a lot of guts to even attempt to rap over an instrumental as iconic and well-known as “Still D.R.E” but Wiz Khalifa is up for the challenge and, to be honest, he does a pretty good job of covering his bases. Not everybody would be able to comfortably flex their bars over Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s legendary link-up. A good number of today’s hottest stars would be incapable of spitting anything that would impress the “old heads” and the younger generation alike. Standing somewhere in the middle of that generational divide, Wiz Khalifa may have been the perfect candidate for this challenge as he bumped the classic in his ears and teased his own version of the smash hit.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Exhibiting his trademark stoner laugh at the top of the record, Wiz Khalifa filmed a compilation video of himself listening to a preview of “Still Wiz,” his remix of one of the most consumed hip-hop records of all time. “I’m still Wiz/N***as got me in that mood/How they hating when they know that I’m that dude/I hear they hating ’cause they know I got the juice,” raps the Pittsburgh star confidently. He includes props in the video, sipping from a bottle of orange juice when he vocalizes his levels of swag in the hook.

With Wiz experiencing several years in the shadows, this could be pointing to a much-needed return to form for the superstar rapper. Depending on how he decides to release this — or if he ever drops it rather — this has the potential to be big. What do you think?

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