Wiz Khalifa Joins Boaz To Smoke On New Single “Gutter Rainbow”


With Mac Miller’s posthumous album, Circles (2020), dropping today, it’s only right that fellow Pittsburgh native and friend of Mac Miller in Boaz deliver a musical offering of his own. With his upcoming project, Hope Dealer (2020) set to release later this month, the “Rapness Monster” lyricist has released a brand new single entitled “Gutter Rainbow” featuring Wiz Khalifa and produced by Big Jerm to promote the record. 

Boaz has always been known for his introspective approach to his artistry and is still applying this rhetoric for his upcoming Hope Dealer mixtape. “Gutter Rainbow” is another example of Boaz’s well-thought-out musical method as the instrumental comes dressed with a dominating bass guitar rhythm, jazz piano harmonies, and hard-hitting snare. 

Both Boaz and Wiz Khalifa take on heavy autotuned vocals in order to harmonize over the jazz-inspired instrumental while reminding their fans about the journey it took them in order to succeed, how far they’ve come to reach this very moment, and what actions they take when they’re feeling some type of way today.

Check out Boaz’s newest track “Gutter Rainbow” featuring Wiz Khalifa in the streaming link provided below and be on the lookout for his upcoming project, Hope Dealer, to drop on Jan. 31. 

Quotable Lyrics

They say real niggas, they don’t make them no mo (no mo)
And true love, it don’t come that easy (don’t come that easy, baby)
Trouble never had a hard time finding me (never had a hard time, nah)
And solvin’ problems ain’t never been easy (always been hard)
Paid the cost to be the boss, took the loss
Made it back, taken trips
Forth and back, back and forth
They hate the fact, my papers stacked

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