Wiz Khalifa Kicked Back With Charisma On “Mezmorized”


In his own way, Wiz Khalifa quietly started a movement at the onset of a brand new decade, flying alongside his homeboy Curren$y Spitta for a revised take on luxury marijuana raps. For many Kush & Orange Juice served as an introduction to a young Khalifa, who seemed to favor life’s simple pleasures and high-class, vaguely eighties-inspired instrumentals. All the while he seemed to float with joint in hand, no more so than on the album’s second track “Mezmorized.” 

Taking to a smooth instrumental from Cardo, Wiz kicked some effortless bars that successfully captured the entirety of his personality in a few mere minutes. “Get love from the hoes, but it’s money over bitches, nothing above it,” declares Wiz, a lifestyle choice he has since chosen to abide by. “Like the weed loud like my engine when I speed up, Bitches holding they weave rolling trees with they pretty feet up.” It’s refreshing in its simplicity, the quintessential soundtrack during a month in which 4/20 is a daily recurrence — at least, technically speaking.

Say what you will about Wiz Khalifa, but the man had a formula and damned if it hasn’t aged like a fine wine. Happy tenth birthday to Kush & OJ, and be sure to cop that upcoming vinyl drop whenever it happens to hit stores. Do you still enjoy revisiting this classic tape? 


Get love from the hoes, but it’s money over bitches
Nothing above it
Like the weed loud like my engine when I speed up
Bitches holding they weave, rolling trees
With they pretty feet up

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