Wiz Khalifa & Michael Strahan Catch Lawsuit Over “Kush Khalifa”


The cannabis business is booming as more investors are legally making money with weed, and very few celebrities are as vocal about their love of the sticky icky than Wiz Khalifa. It was a natural progression for the Philly rapper to create his own cannabis brand, Khalifa Kush, with co-owners that allegedly include former NFL star Michael Strahan and a man named Carlos Arias. However, the partnership has turned sour, and Arias has reportedly sued both the rapper and Strahan, accusing them of “[pilfering] more than $100,000,000 in assets from Nominal Defendants.”

According to The Blast, Arias is the director and managing agent of Cuzzi Consulting, Inc. He argues that he was “denied interest from the company’s proceeds” after, he alleges, there was a “scheme orchestrated” by Wiz Khalifa and his crew to “misappropriate assets” and “funnel the proceeds” to “themselves and a certain third party” that includes “Michael Strahan and SMAC Entertainment.” Arias added that these misappropriated funds included a licensing deal upwards of $20,000,000.

Khalifa’s collaborative effort with Cookie Co. 415 where he released his own strain, Khalifa Kush, was widely promoted, but Arias said in his lawsuit that the rapper made almost nothing from the deal. It was something that, according to Arias, introduced and solidified Khalifa’s name in the cannabis industry, but it wasn’t a money-maker for the rapper.