Wiz Khalifa’s Weed-Laced Dolly Parton Challenge Is The Best One Yet


Wiz Khalifa doesn’t attend the function if he’s not allowed to be rolling with a joint in his mouth at all times. Everywhere he goes, the sweet smell of marijuana follows him. Red carpet events, movie premieres, label meetings, you name it… You’ll be damned if you don’t catch the Pittsburgh native puffing on a hand-rolled weed cigarette. With the Dolly Parton Challenge taking over social media, people across the nation have been showing their different profile picture tendencies across professional mediums, dating sites, and more. Wiz Khalifa prefers to keep things constant, flexing his one true love (aside from his son Bash) and ensuring that everyone knows what he’s about.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

“SAME OL’ G,” captioned Khalifa, sharing a four-cornered image with the same photo in each section. For Linkedin, he’s got a photo of him blowing out weed smoke. The cannabis connoisseur has been lucky enough to land himself a career path where he can gloat about his smoking habit without fear of repercussion. The same photo graces his Instagram and Facebook profiles, while he keeps things 100 on Tinder too, informing any potential matches of his stoner status from the onset of their bond. Could this be the simplest (and best) addition to the Dolly Parton Challenge yet?

Other stars, like Mariah Carey and Eminem, have also submitted their entries to the growing trend. Who has uploaded the greatest one so far?

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