WNBA Negotiates Landmark CBA Agreement, New Salaries Revealed


Over the past decade, women’s sports have grown quite a bit as people begin to expand their horizons and check out new leagues and teams. The WNBA has enjoyed some growth over the past few years and recently, the players were given the opportunity to negotiate a brand new collective bargaining agreement. Fans were interested to see if the players could get more money considering all the strides that have been made over the last little while.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the WNBA and its fans received some good news today. As of next season, the average salary will be six figures, for the first time ever. The official number is $130,000 while the top players will be able to make close to $500,000. There will also be a whole plethora of new opportunities, as outlined below.

With these new rules in place, WNBA players are now in the best position they’ve ever been in. The league seems to be doing quite well and now the players will get to enjoy some of that success in the form of some profit-sharing. If you’re a WNBA fan, this should be great news as it’s a big step forward for women’s sports leagues.

Perhaps in the future, these numbers will be able to go up by even more.

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