Woah Vicky Drops Bhad Bhabie Diss Track: “You The Only Rap B*tch With A Curfew”


Oh lord. It’s really come to this, y’all. Woah Vicky is a whole ass adult out here putting the beats on Bhad Bhabie who, lest we remind you, is sixteen-years-old. How come nobody is talking about this? Somehow, this beef has dragged on for an entire year with both entertainers going back and forth, threatening the other and getting into numerous physical altercations over the last twelve months. Most recently, they got caught up at a recording studio where Woah Vicky was videotaped laying some weak punches on her nemesis. Still, she was declared the unanimous winner of the fistfight. She wasn’t satisfied with just that though. Victoria wants to put the nail in the coffin and she’s doing it with a brand new diss track.

You had to have expected this was on the way. Woah Vicky might not have the same reputation in the rap game as Bhad Bhabie but she’s still out here trying to make it, dropping music every now and then for her niche market. This morning, she came at Danielle Bregoli, accusing her of being “hungry for fame” and noting that she came to Vicky’s own native Atlanta to hang with her rumored boyfriend Lil Gotit in the studio, only to get jumped by the social media star. In “Went Out Bad, Bhabie,” the aspiring rapper calls out all the babies except for Lil Baby and DaBaby, who she admits are killing the game. Then, she fires some major shots at the teenager.

You’ve got to hear it to believe it. If you had to give this a rating from MAKE IT STOPPPP to VERY HOTTTTT, where would you go? 

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