Woman Who Sued Kevin Hart For Injury To Eye Socket Changes Her Case


Kevin Hart just can’t seem to dodge the lawsuits but luckily for him his latest case that came at the hands of Carmen Marrero, the woman who sued him after getting an injured eye socket from his body guard, has now changed her case. If you can remember, Carmen filed a lawsuit against Kevin in June after she was walking down 52nd Street and Eighth Avenue in New York City and Kevin’s security reportedly slammed her down leading her to sustain some injuries. 

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At first, Kevin denied such allegations, with his team stating how she assumed the risk but Carmen’s team clapped back with the following. “When you walk the streets of New York you don’t assume the risk that an overzealous bodyguard will throw you to the ground and break your face,” they stated.

Page Six now reports that Carmen has decided to go after the security company the bodyguards worked for – Armor Bearer Protective Services, Inc. At the moment, Carmen is unaware of who the guard is but the case is currently pending. “Marrero was violently contacted by defendant’s employee [John] Doe without cause, provocation or justification while in the course of his employment as an employee of defendant Armor Bearer,” her lawyers stated. 

The case is ongoing.

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