WS Boogie Showcases Versatility With 2 New Snippets


It’s been a while since Westside Boogie came through with his Shady Records debut album Everythings For Sale, a slept-on highlight and arguably one of 2019’s best bodies of work. Since then, however, it’s been a relatively quiet front for the contemplative lyricist — though that’s not to say he’s been entirely dormant.

Westside Boogie

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

In fact, following a brilliantly marketed “kidnapping” scheme, Boogie has been delivering freestyles at a decent pace. Still, anticipation for his next studio album continues to build, as we’ve admittedly heard relatively little about the forthcoming project. Not long ago, however, the Compton rapper took to Instagram to share a closer look at two stylistically-distinctive new tracks.

The first, which may or may not be titled some variant of “Mood,” is more of a banger — which is to say, an uptempo instrumental paired with some flex-heavy lyricism. The second feels closer to the foundation laid on Everythings For Sale, melodic in nature with a more relaxed delivery. It’s a testament to Boogie’s versatility and a promising sign that we’ll see him exploring a variety of different sounds whenever his new project ends up arriving. 

Check out the two snippets below, and be sure to sound off if you’re excited to see what Westside Boogie has been cooking up for his next drop on Shady Records.