“X Men: The New Mutants” Lands A Creepy Trailer & Release Date


The X-Men cinematic franchise has, depending on the era, been both beloved and maligned by fans. Films like X2 and Days Of Future Past remain some of the superhero genre’s best offerings, while chapters like Wolverine Origins and the recent bomb Dark Phoenix have left elicited a largely negative response. With the water-treading series looking in dire need of reinvention, many were quick to deem the horror-inspired “X-Men: New Mutants” as a sign of life — that is, until it was hit with delay upon delay.

Luckily, the ship’s course has been righted once again. New Mutants has secured a shiny new release date of April 3rd, 2020, announced in tandem with a new trailer. The extensive clip provides a thorough examination of its more horror-focused direction, which in itself makes The New Mutants one of the more original superhero movies in recent memory. Whether it’s enough to revitalize the franchise remains to be seen, but a breath of fresh air is certainly welcome. 

With director Josh Boone at the helm, New Mutants looks to be an original and genre-bending take on the property, if nothing more. Whether that’s enough to breathe newfound life into the X-Men is another question entirely. Still, it should be interesting to see a more chilling take on Marvel source material — are you interested in this one?

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