XFL Draft Quickly Turns Into Unintentionally Funny Mess: Watch


If you’re a football fan who is looking for some product away from the NFL, the XFL promises to be the league for you. Back in 2001, the XFL came through with an underwhelming inaugural season that saw the league disband after just one year. WWE president Vince McMahon doesn’t seem to care about the past though as he is bringing the league back in 2020. Football fans have been clamoring for some offseason football and the XFL could very make a go of it the second time around.

Today, the league is holding their massive 70-round draft and let’s just say, it’s gotten a bit messy. In a report from James Dator of SBNation, you can see that the entire draft is being live-streamed on a massive conference call. Based on the stream, you can tell that they are using the stock Windows timer to countdown each pick and every time it resets, you see a mouse manually punching the numbers in. After every pick, someone yells “confirmed” and the players aren’t present.

The whole event appears as though it is devolving into one big Fantasy League draft and the executives seem to be in over their heads. Perhaps the funniest part is how they took a lunch break in the middle of the stream and left viewers watching absolutely nothing. 

At the time of writing this, they are currently in the 18th round and have another 52 rounds to go. God bless everyone trying to watch this right now.

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