Xscape’s LaTocha Scott Defends T.I. & Tiny Against Sexual Assault Allegations


The allegations made against T.I. and Tiny have shocked their fans. It’s reported that over one dozen women have accused the couple of drugging and-or sexual abusing them, and a lawyer has even called for an official investigation. T.I. and Tiny have both vehemently denied the accusations first launched by former friend Sabrina Peterson, and one person who is standing in their corner is Tiny’s Xscape groupmate, LaTocha Scott.

TI, Tiny, Wendy Williams, LaTocha Scott
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

Scott recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show for a cooking segment and during the chat, the singer was asked about the scandal. “You know what, I hate that this is happening,” said Scott. “That’s my family and I don’t use that word ‘family’ lightly. That’s my sister so I support her and I’m just gonna continue to pray for her and this whole situation.” Wendy wanted to know if the singer believed any of the allegations. “I do not. I know her character and that’s just not her.”

Williams wasn’t letting up and asked if LaTocha thought T.I. was capable of any of the accusations against him. “That’s not his character, as well. They’re good people and I think this whole ordeal has brought them closer together. What we like to do is have family night. I just missed family night Sunday because I was here getting ready for your show.”

“That’s my family and we’re just gonna support them and pray for them. That’s it.” Xscape singer Kandi Burruss also came forward in defense of the couple. You can check out the full cooking segment below.