XXXTentacion’s Ex-Girlfriend Shares Adorable New Pictures Of Gekyume


We’re going on three years without the prolific Florida rapper XXXTentacion, who tragically passed away following a shooting in 2018. His music remains some of the most impactful of the last half-decade as fans continue to gravitate toward his emotion-driven songs, racking up billions of streams on all platforms.

Shortly after his death, XXXTentacion’s mother revealed that the rapper had left behind a “final gift” for his fans before revealing that he had a son on the way. Months later, X’s ex-girlfriend Jenesis Sanchez gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Gekyume, which is the name that X had chosen for him. As Gek grows up, his family has been sharing pictures of him at every stage of his life. Fans regularly mention how he got most of X’s facial features. In the latest photo-set shared by Jenesis, that much is clear as the toddler looks more and more like his father by the day.

Sharing a gallery of four pictures of Gek sitting on the stairs, the baby boy smiles with his “legend in the making” shirt and Jordan 1’s. “All I can see is x,” said one fan in the comments.

Despite growing up without his father to guide him, Jenesis and XXX’s mother Cleopatra have been sharing all kinds of adorable content with the little one, proving that he’s well taken care of. Gek also spends a lot of time with X’s friends, including DJ Scheme and others. 

Check out the cute pictures above.