XXXTentacion’s Melodic “Bad Vibes Forever” Ft. Trippie Redd & PnB Rock Hits The Streets


It was just two weeks ago when XXXTentacion’s estate shared that the late rapper’s forthcoming project, Bad Vibes Forever, would be arriving soon. In a teaser that was uploaded to his Instagram page, XXXTentacion can be heard saying, “Okay, so my current focus is creation and evolution. Every day, you evolve. You are the actor in your own movie. You get to be anybody you want to be.”

On Friday, the slain rapper’s title track from his “final album” featuring Trippie Redd and PnB Rock was released. The trio sing along to an acoustic guitar as they trade verses and harmonize throughout. The imperfections make “bad vibes forever” even more touching, as it’s obvious that this is the unfinished version of a song that Tentacion was working on when he was callously murdered back in June 2018. 

On Friday, another teaser for Bad Vibes Forever was shared, yet this time it featured clips of artists who admired Tentacion including Kid Buu, Billie Eilish, Trippie Redd, and PnB Rock talkng about his impact on the culture. Watch the teaser below.

Quotable Lyrics

Ooh-ooh-ooh, I can barely keep control
When you’re burnin’ all of me
Fightin’ all of me, girl, you take my soul, yeah (Yeah)
Ooh-ooh-ooh, you look like the girl of my dreams (Dreams)
My heart is on lock, need a key (Key)
It’s right in your pocket, you see


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