XXXTentacion’s Mother Responds To Jimmy Duval’s Lawsuit: Report


Unfortunately, through the release of unfinished material, XXXTentacion’s legacy has been permanently tainted by the handling of his estate. It’s a sentiment shared by many of the late Jahseh Onfroy’s fans who wish his unreleased music would have stayed that way. Listening to Skins and Bad Vibes Forever, you can easily tell that Jah did not complete the majority of those records, making it seem like his estate was just using his name to earn some extra money. Cleopatra Bernard, the late rapper’s mother, has been at the center of it all with fans painting her as somewhat of a villain over the last year. Jimmy Duval, one of X’s close friends and a producer on “Look At Me!,” previously sued the estate for $2 million, claiming that he did not earn the proper credit or royalties from his work with Jah. Now, Cleo is snapping back with her own legal suit.

As reported by The Blast, XXXTentacion’s mother wants the court to award zero dollars to Jimmy Duval from the estate. Bernard is reportedly demanding that his lawsuit be tossed after Duval claimed to have been owed 25% of X’s royalties on a song that another artist, Mala, claimed was stolen from him. Duval’s money was awarded to Mala as a result, thus nullifying the deal. Cleo also says that Duval was given proper credit as a co-author but she trashes him and says that he just doesn’t understand the industry’s process behind producer credit.

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“Defendants’ claim reveals a complete lack of understanding as to the music industry’s current mechanism for attributing producer credits,” writes Bernard in the legal documents. “It is undisputed that the Recording was only released digitally. It is well known that, up until very recently, the vast majority of digital content providers, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, etc., did not have a mechanism by which producers could be credited.”

Who do you think will win?


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