Yaya Bey Drops Off New Single “september 13th”


The multi-talented Yaya Bey is readying the release of her forthcoming project, The Things I Can’t Take With Me which is due out on April 9th. This week, she returned with the second single off of the project, “September 13th.” It’s a moody yet uplifting record that finds the singer reflecting on a dwindling relationship that is far beyond the point of repair. Along with the single, she shared a music video for the track. “September 13th is the day I realized the relationship I fought so hard for would never be the same,” Bey said in a statement. “[The video]is inspired really by how the song made me feel when I would listen to it in my bedroom. I kept imaging poses which felt like a photoshoot theme would go best with the song. We added a love interest to give it the story it needed. The song is stripped down and really is just about a feeling and the video needed to be the same way.”

Check the song out below.