YBN Almighty Jay Slapped With “Donkey Of The Day”


Much like the kick of an actual donkey, Charlamagne Tha God’s dubious honor “Donkey Of The Day” retains the simple principle that anybody can get it. It doesn’t matter if one has Ellen DeGeneres wealth at one’s disposal — the Donkey does not discriminate. Today, The Breakfast Club host decided to slap YBN Almighty Jay with the unfortunate title following the young rapper’s dismissal of social distancing practices and overall attitude toward the virus.

YBN Almighty Jay

 Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

It all started after Breakfast Club highlighted Almighty Jay’s recent TMZ interview, in which he admitted that he wasn’t taking the virus seriously, nor was he following social distancing guidelines– in fact, he has been openly inviting women to his house with little to no mind to caution. After The Breakfast Club ridiculed the young rapper’s lack of sound judgment, Almighty Jay caught feelings and clapped back at the radio hosts with an incendiary Instagram tirade against them.

Unfortunately for him, he underestimated the impact of Charlamagne’s biggest weapon — the DONKEY. “The reason YBN Almighty Jay is getting Donkey Of The Day is that he just wants attention,” declares Tha God. “He’s sitting in his house on quarantine, and he’s happy he got mentioned on The Breakfast Club. If you didn’t like what we said, fine, you have the right to respond. But you posted a clip of The Breakfast Club talking to Boosie, and you edited the clip to make it seem like we had something to say about you being an anti-social distancer, but didn’t reply to Boosie.”

Charlamagne proceeds to debunk the narrative, proving that the discussion didn’t exactly transpire as Jay presented it. “You edited it to make yourself look good, even though you know we pushed back on Boosie being an anti-social distancer,” explains Charla. “Come on Almighty Jay, you knew that young man! But you wanted to manipulate your followers. You wanted to show your followers The Breakfast Club is talking about you, so you had to act fake mad and edit a Boosie story to create a story. You are acting like the media you claim to be mad at — this is clickbait. This is Donald Trump, 6ix9ine level trolling.”

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