YBN Nahmir Reaches Out To YBN Almighty Jay: “I Miss Rapping Wit You”


YBN Nahmir hasn’t had it easy since dropping his debut album VISIONLAND. In addition to being ripped apart by fans for reportedly selling just 4,000 copies in the first week since VISIONLAND‘s release, YBN Nahmir was also recently the butt of Lil Yachty’s April Fool’s joke, in which he claimed to like Nahmir’s heavily criticized and experimental album cut “Soul Train.” Still, the “Opp Stoppa” remains positive about his career’s trajectory, despite his past plans on retiring.  

In a surprisingly humble series of Instagram story posts, YBN Nahmir recently claimed that he’s focused on getting “back onnat old YBN sh*t.” Now, it appears that the Birmingham, Alabama-born rapper was serious about rechanneling the early YBN days because he has reached out to his once close collaborator YBN Almighty Jay over social media. In a sentimental Instagram post, YBN Nahmir writes, “We was turnt everyday kid. i miss rapping wit you. can we drop some shit? @ybnalmightyjay”

YBN Almighty Jay recently dropped a debut project of his own on Atlantic, titled Battling My Spirit. Similar to the tepid reception that YBN Nahmir has been getting for VISIONLAND, YBN Almighty Jay’s project failed to chart on the Billboard 200 following its release at the beginning of February, so perhaps he’ll accept Nahmir’s offer and return to YBN’s roots.

Are you excited for a potential reunion featuring two of the three original members of YBN?