YBN Nahmir Returns With A Vengeance On “Talkin”


The Alabama rap scene is heating up and, several years ago, YBN Nahmir sparked the flame that ignited the city. With artists like NoCap, Clever, and so many others making moves, YBN Nahmir continues to impress with his street bangers, recreating the magic that he found with “Bounce Out With That.” Unlike his Grammy-nominated brethren YBN Cordae, Nahmir was quiet for much of 2019. A few days ago though, he resurfaced to let the world know he would be impacting us with his latest exhibition soon. On this fanciful New Music Friday, the 20-year-old rapper is back with his brand new single “Talkin.” 

It had been months since the last time YBN Nahmir released some new music and his fans will be ecstatic to hear this new vibe. Following the same general guidelines as his previous hits, the young man goes hard for the two-minute display, sharpening his flows and reminding us that he’s still got it.

Listen to “Talkin” below and let us know your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

‘Member when I ain’t had shit, now a lil n***a got rich
‘Member seeing bro trappin’, now we living lavish
Tried to run, he got shot in the back
Still mad, I had to go get with Mack
Caught ’em slipping, took ’em down for their packs
I’ma just stack and go get the cash

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