YBN Nahmir Torn Apart By Fans For Abysmal Album Sales


YBN Nahmir is officially down bad as fans continue to bully him over the sales to his latest album release. During a recent interview, the 21-year-old rapper admitted that he was considering an early retirement from rap before “Opp Stoppa” became a viral sensation. With the success of the track, Nahmir built up the confidence to share his latest full-length album, titled Visionland, with the world. Unfortunately, his promotion wasn’t too effective because, according to multiple sources, including DJ Akademiks, the album is only expecting to sell 4,000 units in its first week.

We recently reported on Rod Wave’s tremendous numbers for the week, angling for 150,000 album sales in his first week. You can likely see why people are teasing YBN Nahmir for his numbers now. However, the extent to which people are going is pretty much the definition of bullying.

YBN Nahmir never gone hear the end of this,” theorized one fan. If you can recall, Smokepurpp previously went viral for his own low sales, being teased with comments about how he sold 5,000 copies of Florida Jit for months. It’s likely that YBN Nahmir will take Purpp’s place on the lower end of the scale as people make jokes on social media about his performance.

Aaron J. Thornton/WireImage/Getty Images

In addition to the memes flying about Nahmir’s poor sales, he’s also being teased about one song in particular from the album, titled “Soul Train”. People aren’t afraid to let the rapper know that they’re not fans of the record, in which he tries something new with his melodies.

Did you listen to YBN Nahmir’s album Visionland? Let us know what you thought of it.