Yelawolf Drops Off His New Album “Ghetto Cowboy”


Few hip-hop artists are as daring with their musicality as Alabama’s Yelawolf. Not only has the man proven himself to be an upper-echelon rapper, but he’s also honed and developed a unique and wide-ranging style, with shades of punk, country music, and classic rock. In March, Yela felt compelled to destroy some 808s, and thus, Trunk Muzik 3 emerged as a result. Yet Catfish Billy has never been one to rest on his laurels. Enter Ghetto Cowboy, a more melodic offering than its predecessor, and the first chapter of Yela’s independent journey.

Now waving his Slumerican banner high, Yela’s latest finds him looking back to the days of Love Story, at least sonically. Plenty of guitar arrangements conjure a lush and uniquely local atmosphere, the likes of which only Yelawolf could conceivably pull off. Both his flow and his vocals are in fine form, a testament to his creative surge; all the right boxes get checked, from the hard-hitting “UNK” to the tense frustration of “Renegades.” Be sure to check out Ghetto Cowboy now, and show some love to Yelawolf for a job well done. 


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