Yelawolf’s “Still Ridin'” Is A Pivotal Moment On His New Album, “Ghetto Cowboy”


On Friday, Yelawolf delivered his second project of the year, Ghetto Cowboy. It fittingly arrived the day after Halloween, as it commences with a graphic account of assault given over a chilling instrumental. As the album progresses, the clouds start to part. The music becomes lighter, Yelawolf’s tone becomes less hostile. Track 5, “Here I Am”, breaks into the cathartic chant of “Im’ma woop this motherfucker’s ass I swear / Im’ma tear this bitch up / I’ma throw a fucking chair.” By Track 6, “Still Ridin'”, things take a turn and the Alabama artist leans more into the breeziness of his classic rock influences.

“Still Ridin'” keeps the energy levels high without tipping over into over-indulgent fits of anger. Yelawolf flexes his lyrical dexterity while stitching together poetic tidbits with an overarching narrative. While he possesses the balanced delivery of a steady driver, the beat ensures a smooth ride. There’s a percolating noise that persists beneath the verses, which is surprisingly just as pleasant as the wheezing synths in the chorus. The record-scratching, bassline and percussion all keep it feeling fresh and funky.

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Quotable Lyrics

Blue skies, black suede leather
Bumpin’ Pink Floyd in Mayweather
Windows down on that grey Monte Carlo
Embedded rubber on concrete
Leavin’ trails on the paved leathers


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