Yella Beezy Explains Why He Keeps 3 Phones In His Bag


Kevin Gates earned a ton of nationwide attention when he rapped about his two phones but Dallas artist Yella Beezy has him beat in that department. On the latest episode of In My Bag, we linked up with the buzzing star to see what he carries around with him on a regular basis, emptying out his backpack and giving him time to flex his belongings.

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For our newest video series, we’re inviting some of your favorite rappers to the office to show us their daily necessities. In previous episodes, we’ve had Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Moneybagg Yo detail the importance of their dental hygiene, pulling out toothbrushes and mouth wash in their proper displays. Yella Beezy takes care of all that at home but, once he leaves the house, he can’t go anywhere without a few things. For starters, he needs all three of his cell phones on him. “This one is just for the music,” reveals Beezy, showing off an older model of the iPhone. “The purpose is just to play music. And these are just to talk to people. Business phone, personal phone.”

He goes on to take out his inhaler for when he’s feeling a little out of breath, a hair pick to always stay fresh, a charger to keep his devices juiced up, and some “bullshit money.”

A year and a half ago, Yella Beezy nearly lost his life in a shooting, speaking about the incident on several occasions. These days, the Dallas spitter is thriving, releasing tons of new music and impressing on each occasion. Watch the video above.

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