YFN Lucci Gets First 2021 Maybach SUV In The Country


YFN Lucci is fresh off the release of yet another successful project, dropping Wish Me Well 3 last week. The Atlanta rapper has been promoting the body of work hard on social media, but he’s also taking time off to enjoy the simple things in life, like his rekindled relationship with Reginae Carter and his status as one of the most influential rappers from his city. 

While his name continues to get wrapped up in gossipy headlines about his dramatic relationship, YFN Lucci’s success is undisputed. He has been in the game for years, remaining a relevant voice of the streets. People gravitate toward his authentic sound, which sparks a hit every now and again. “Wet” was a huge record this year, bringing him back into the conversation. He’s a big priority at his label, which keeps the head honcho of Think It’s A Game Records showering his artist with gifts like he did with the first 2021 Maybach SUV to touch down in the U.S.

Girvan “Fly” Henry, the big boss over at TIAG, showed out with a brand new $200,000 whip for YFN Lucci and, according to TMZ, it’s the first of its kind in the country. Big Lucc is now the proud owner of Mercedes’ first Maybach GLS in the U.S., which is being rolled out to compete with Bentley and Roll-Royce trucks, which have been popularized in recent years.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

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