YFN Lucci Keeps His Bag Stocked: Lots Of Weed, $15K In Pocket Change, & More


Atlanta veteran YFN Lucci is one of the hottest rappers in his city and he will keep that title for a good minute. Specializing in a sing-song style of street flows, the stepper brings different flavor to the table. With a trap sound currently dominating the ATL, Big Lucc offers a different landscape to his fans, posing as more of an alternative to mainstream listeners. He recently took a trip out to New York where he stopped by our headquarters, participating in the latest episode of In My Bag. Believe me when I tell you that he definitely kept an interesting stash on him.

Emptying out his $3,500 Chanel backpack, YFN Lucci started off by placing his loose bills and change on the table. In total, he probably had around $15K on him, which he referred to as “not that much” and “pocket change.” Same… Then, he got to some more good stuff. Weed, a durag, a brush and hair grease all had their moments to shine before Lucc explained the kinds of bud he prefers.

“I like smoking Runtz, Wedding Cake, White Runtz,” said the rapper. He then went on to show us his laptop with some highly-classified notes on the inside, his iPad for when he’s watching movies or writing verses, and a random pair of Versace shorts for when he feels like changing clothes. 

Compared to previous episodes of In My Bag, YFN Lucci keeps his bag fully stocked at all times. Watch the display above and let us know who you want on the show next.

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